Introducing to you KAZbrella’s limited edition prints, Jazz and Kaleidoscope designed by Textile Designer, Wendy Kazim. Vibrant bespoke designs stretching over the unique, patented frame of the KAZbrella, the only one in the world which is fully reversible.


Jazz design is reflective of the sharp notes of Jazz music, hot oranges spiced with mellow purple and vivid green.


Kaleidoscope design denotes interlocking patterns, rotating wheels of maroon, blue and an edging of white.

Wendy has always been interested in geometric forms since completing her degree in Printed Textile Design. She has sold her designs to the likes of John Lewis and Libertys of London.  As a husband and wife team, Jenan with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Wendy in Textile Design, they bring together the perfect balance of engineering, innovation and aesthetics. 
Our Creative director, Riann Kazim is also involved in all aspects of the KAZbrella’s aesthetics.
Jazz and Kaleidoscope are