We understand an umbrella has to do more than function correctly. It needs to look good too. There are many gimmicky umbrellas on the market. That is not what we are about. We believe in engineering, intelligent design and innovation.

Benefits of the KAZbrella

  • Thanks to its patented technology KAZbrella opens inside out. This leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when closed. It is therefore dry to handle and can be placed on surfaces without them getting wet. 
  • Getting in and out of your car in the rain is not a problem as you can close the KAZbrella into the smallest gap of a car door, whilst remaining dry.
  • Any residual water can be retained within the canopy until it is convenient to shake out and allow it to dry.
  • It is easy to open and close in confined spaces. The best way to open the KAZbrella is by holding it up vertically and as the KAZbrella opens up and over the user, it avoids the danger of poking anyone in the eye! Perfect for crowded situations.
  • The KAZbrella’s unique movable tips and tensioning system is optimised for performing well in the wind. In the unlikely event that the KAZbrella is blown inside out, it can be restored back to it original shape by the touch of a button.

    Praise for the KAZbrella

    Gizmodo - KAZbrella is one of the 20 most innovative Kickstarter Campaigns.

    Kelly Hoppen (Interior Designer) - "I think this is brilliant because getting into a car with my hair when it's raining I've often wished it would go the other way." 

    Jem Stansfield (Presenter of Bang Goes the Theory)

    “The ‘inside out umbrella’ was one of my favourite inventions. It came together with a moment of mechanical inspiration and works beautifully well!” 

    Ben Redhead (Buyer for Firebox.com)

    "You've made me feel like a complete idiot for using a normal umbrella." 

    Angus Rankine (Entrepreneur)"It's a superb example of some reverse engineering" 

    Duncan Bannatyne (Entrepreneur)"I really really want one."