Through the platform of crowdfunding sites, more and more amazing innovative products are being introduced to the world. Years of hard work designing, modifying, creating  prototypes and manufacturing have resulted in products which can enhance or even change our lives.
Unfortunately, when an idea is introduced to the world there are always some unscrupulous individuals or a company who seizes the concept and produces inferior products before the crowdfunded company has had time to get their product mass produced.
This has happened to us, Kaz Designs Limited, the inventors of the KAZbrella. This is the only patented reverse folding umbrella in the world which when closed keeps the wet side in leaving the dry side to hold.  Jenan Kazim, an aeronautical engineer, has spent years perfecting his design and invested everything to introduce to the world a drip free umbrella where the whole frame reverses and then tensions to give the look of a conventional umbrella.
in the shed
He says,   “My heart sinks every time I see a copy of the KAZbrella. I gave up a prestigious job as an Offshore engineer to pursue the design and manufacture of the KAZbrella and bring my invention to the market. The concept of a drip free, truly reversible frame is something that people have tried to achieve since 1904”.
Jenan has reviewed more than 8000 patent applications and realised that the umbrella had to be completely redesigned. We have put our heart and soul into the KAZbrella and even given it our name - the KAZ comes from our surname Kazim and we are truly a family business. 

We are so passionate about it that we talk endlessly about our business; what we have achieved to where we hope to be in the future. It is an obsession. It has taken so much time, effort, personal finance and sleepless nights to get where we are and it's sickening and heartbreaking when we see cheap copies being called KAZbrellas. The imitations are made from flimsy conventional frames and only mimick the way in which the KAZbrella works.  Using the name KAZbrella, the copies are available to buy on worldwide online market sites, even though we have written to them to tell them they are selling fakes and often at inflated prices.
 bridge kickstarter
 KAZbrella was first seen on Kickstarter in 2015. Our target was exceeded ten times over and gained support and interest all over the world. However, it also planted a seed into the minds of fraudsters, as a way to make money on the back of someone else’s hard work, drive, dedication and expense. The KAZbrella has been voted as one of the top 20 innovative products by Gizmodo and its design has won the prestigious Spin Off Award for outstanding performance in technology commercialisation.
Taking a cheap conventional frame, the fraudsters were able to disguise the mechanism under a lower canopy, which does not work in the same way as the patented KAZbrella. They are fooling customers into buying something that is not the genuine article. They even use our trademarked name, KAZbrella and use our promotional material, including our videos to deceive the public into believing they are purchasing our quality, branded umbrella.
Every unique component of the KAZbrella has been designed by us in the UK and our videos have had over 30 million views over different platforms.
 3d prototype
The KAZbrella performs exceptionally in strong wind. In the unlikely event of the canopy flipping inside out, with a press of the patented button, it comes back to its original open shape. It is the only umbrella in the world which can do that. The imitations would just snap and break.
We were not the only ones who have been mimicked.  We have seen cheap, inferior copies of other products introduced on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites. Businesses like ours are dismayed and appalled at how the general public are being deceived by these copycats and how it is killing our enterprise before it has begun.
KAZbrella can be bought through our website and selected retailers.
 If your design has been hijacked, do get in touch and tell us your story at