Beware of Imitations

Following the success of KAZbrella, there are many fraudulent websites pretending to sell the genuine KAZbrella. Please be aware that these sites are illegal and are deceiving their customers as well as our own. The products they are selling are not the patented KAZbrella and do not work at all in the same way. They are merely concealing a cheap conventional frame under a lower canopy and imitating the look of a KAZbrella.

Our copyrighted promotional material, graphics and videos are also used by the imitators.

KAZbrella has a patented reversible frame and tensioning system and the genuine product can be identified by a number of means.

  • The registered trademark KAZ can be found on the handle.
  • The patented silver button has our registered K logo.
  • The fabric is of a high density and quality.
  • It can only be purchased on our website and select stores.

Often the fakes will have a C shaped handle and have a series of small holes in the lower canopy.

Please be careful when purchasing online and if you are in doubt of the authenticity, please feel free to contact us at

All the KAZbrellas sold on our official website are the only umbrellas in the world with reverse folding technology which is protected by worldwide patents and Intellectual Property. Our products are made with the highest quality materials and all components have been bespoke designed and developed by us in the UK.

Thank you for your support.