…19” of rain and climbing, and (I) have used your umbrella when venturing out in the neighborhood to witness the widespread flooding and significant wind gusts.  Your creation has performed flawlessly.  Thank you for creating such a useful and amazing product.  

Robert in Texas, USA 


So all in all, you have one very happy customer here and it will be a joy to use my Kazbrella! Love it, love it, love it. Did I say I loved it??!

Cassandra in Winchester, England


I was amazed just how well built and strong it was as there was not even a quiver in very strong wind.  I walked through a Park which was quite open with very little shelter but the KAZbrella never faltered at all.

Alan in Thurso, Scotland


I bought 2. I live in the US and amazingly within 3 days I received my shipment. Unbelievably fast shipping.  Without a doubt, they are truly one of a kind. I love my kazbrella and I am very impressed.  I caution anyone to purchase knock offs. You are wasting your time and your money. Get the real deal, get the kazbrella.

Casey in the USA


So glad I bought the original...a Kazbrella. Love it. Would recommend the Kazbrella to anyone.

Sue in Australia


I love my kazbrella! I encourage my friends and coworkers to buy yours. Sure the copy cats are cheaper, but as they say you get what you pay for! Kazbrella is a worthwhile investment.

Jennifer in Virginia, USA


Everytime I see an ad on Facebook for one of the cheap knockoffs, I post that that is exactly what they are, that they are cheap and nasty and that they are thieves of intellectual property because they don’t have the international patent for this design. I encourage people NOT to buy the cheap & nasty knockoff, and to buy the real one instead. It’s worth the extra money.

Kirsty in Sydney, Australia






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